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ScopeCare provides complete servicing for all brands of Large and Small Diameter Endoscopes.

Endoscope repair is inevitable so it is very important to choose your repair partner wisely. Two important questions to ask a service provider before entrusting your valuable endoscopes are:

  1. are they ISO 13485 certified andOEM Correct
  2. are their component suppliers ISO 13485 certified

ScopeCare as well as all our component suppliers are ISO 13485-certified, and follow strict quality management standards. Through our ongoing cooperation with our key parts suppliers, we are able to source a full range of replacement parts including specialty lenses to ensure your endoscopes are repaired to our OEM Correct™ standard.

Many of our flexible technicians individually have more than 25 years of experience and have been OEM-factory trained.


  • Certified: ScopeCare is ISO 13485 certified since 2008 and only uses components supplied by ISO 13485 certified manufacturers
  • Experts: Many of our technicians are OEM-factory trained; extensive, rigorous in-house training in accordance with our ISO 13485 accreditation
  • Competitive: Significant cost savings vs OEM service rates; only those parts requiring servicing are repaired/replaced
  • Streamlined: single-point repair service for all your HD, UHD and 4K endoscopes
  • Inventory Management: Extensive on-hand inventory of certified parts to ensure efficient repair times
  • Fast: 1-3 days turnaround on minor repairs; 7-10 days on major repairs
  • Comprehensive: multi-point inspection of both physical and optical components
  • Warranty: Six month / 180-day warranty on parts and labour
  • Loaner program: available at no extra charge to provide continuity during servicing

We repair the following types of Flexible Endoscopes:

Our capabilities include:

  • Insertion and light guide tube replacements
  • Fiber-optic image and light bundles
  • Angulation system repair/replacement including bending section
  • Replacement of the camera unit, including wire harness and objective lens
  • Repairs on HD series endoscopes as well as small diameter videoscopes
  • Complete distal head assembly